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Some Easy Tips For The Overcoming Of Fear Of Change Often Holding You Down

Most people are never quite comfortable with the prospect of change. The prospect of change facing us will to some be a real cause of distress and discomfort. We are a little perplexed with the ways some of us seem to get past the feelings which come with this prospect of change. However there are some ways which will enable one to effectively deal with this debilitating feeling.

First as a step is for you to acknowledge the feeling of fear that is you. After such an acceptance, you need to start working on plans which will go towards making the seemingly unbearable situation bearable. This fear of change is a real obstacle to enabling the majority of us living our full potential and none will be ready to fall in this category. This is the time to get past this disabling feeling.

Think of a journal. Have the journal which will be a record of the fears and their causes in your life. Have in the journal a record of all your emotions and how the particular feelings are affecting your life. The journal should also include in it a list of your hopes for the future and the possible plans you may have to achieve or realize your hopes and dreams. This paper work is a great way of relieving yourself of that pent up emotional baggage that will be holding you down. It offers you a perfect means to have another view of the situation you are facing. When decoding the scenarios, try and have a balanced view of the whole situation facing you. See all the views and perspectives of the situations that are causing you all the negative feelings.

The next step towards dealing with your inherent fears is a focus on excitement rather than fear. Look at the various situations distressing you from a perspective that will cause you excitement and not a fear causing perspective. This is essentially going to transform your energies from negative to positive and prove a chain reaction to the whole situation. Focus on the possibilities that a new start will bring you and do not let fear cripple you making you think of all these as wild dreams. You chose to embrace a change for the sake of having the benefits of change accrue to you and this is a point you need to mind constantly. This is a second chance at enjoying your life to the fullest.