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Different Types Of Garage Doors

As you read this article, you are going to learn the different kinds of garage door installation that you can have in your house. So if you’re wondering on which one to install, then I highly recommend to read the entire content of this article.

Number 1. Single garage doors – these are very versatile especially for those who have a big family. There are lots of people who opt to put 2 single doors next to each. The invisible lines that your brain is creating helps you to park straight. Many experienced drivers might not believe it at first but it helps amateur drivers more than what you think. Also, it teaches them how to park in a limited space.

Single garage doors make use of less energy either when using a motor or lifting. Standard sizes are ideal for bigger garage if you have few cars.

Number 2. Double garage doors – these have a tendency to look bigger than they are but, they’re very practical in many different ways. You will eventually find out that automatic garage doors open such as normal doors or mode that rolls up. The roll up garage doors powered by a motor is using more energy compared to single version but, it is a more practical solution with regards to your safety. Oscillating or regular door models are requiring 2 motors in order to simultaneously open the doors.

There are several models that open at horizontal plane but you’d require a little bit of space in order for the door to drive on. In most instances, people are using this concept on their residential garage doors or gates that face the street because of the neighboring wall that protects it. Double garage doors are perfect for bigger garages where homeowners can have more space to work on their car and put other stuff.

Roll up doors or horizontal opening doors and double oscillating doors are the sub categories for garage doors. Each of the said door of course have its own benefit like for example, oscillating doors need extra space on garage because of the path it requires to open but, they do add a classic feel to your environment, roll up doors on the other hand need great amount of energy to be able to move along the vertical plane but these doors will not require extra space when opening while horizontal opening doors need space in order to open but they not need much space as what you think.