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I Had to Get a New Place

It was not like I was terribly upset about having to move out of the old place, but the timing was less than ideal. I had a roommate who just suddenly went completely off the rails. He has been working a really heavy course load and it just caught up to him I guess. I could see he was under a lot of pressure and then he just vanished. His mom told me that he had gone home. At any rate I ended up finding some nice apartments in Oceanside CA where this guy I know needed a roommate. The place is not on the beach, but it is not very far at all. I bought a used bike and every morning I have been getting up early to ride down to the beach and take a run. I actually met this group of girls, surfer girls. Almost every morning they are down at this place where there is a nice break. Of course I waved to them.

I was asking them about learning to surf. Of course they thought I was hitting on them more or less, which I was in as subtle a way as I could. They started to tease me, but they seemed willing to teach me if it was amusing to them. Of course surfing is a somewhat dangerous thing, but the waves here do not seem all that awesome. That is a good thing if you are not really ready for the pipeline or whatever the advanced places are in this part of the West Coast. I was having a really good time, but of course I really did not do it well at all. Just like anything else there is a learning curve and right now I am really on the wrong end of it.