Real Estate

Quick to Respond to My Problem

When I looked for apartments for rent in Mission Viejo, I spent a lot of time in order to guarantee that I picked the best option both in terms of my pocketbook as well as the location of the apartment complex. I needed, and actually wanted, an apartment complex that was located closer to my place of employment because I was sick of spending so much time in my car driving to and back from work. Since my needs and wants were very specific, I was able to narrow down my options quite quickly and proceeded to rent an apartment.

Things rolled along very well for a couple of months, and I was quite happy with the office staff and my neighbors, but then I had an issue that needed attention very quickly. My boyfriend, who lives with me and works from the apartment, noticed we had an infestation problem. I don’t know what caused the problem, but I felt anxious about reporting the issue because my previous apartment management usually did anything they could to avoid fixing any problems. It’s one of the reasons I eventually left. I worried that my current apartment management wouldn’t do a thing about the problem.

As I called in the problem, I had visions of nothing happening and then having to cut the lease early, lose a bunch of money, and then having to find another place to live that wouldn’t be as well located as my current place. To make a long story short, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The management got right on the problem and we literally had someone in the unit spraying for the problem in less than two hours! All we had to do was pop the windows open for a couple of hours to cut the smell and the problem was gone! What great service!